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FanPost Friday: Which team would you trade your favorite Tigers player to?

If you have to grudgingly cheer for someone else, who would it be?

MLB: Cleveland Indians at Detroit Tigers Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Earlier this week, I had something of an emotional conflict while the Detroit Tigers broadcast team discussed the potential of J.D. Martinez taking the Triple Crown this year. For one thing, it was just yesterday that Miguel Cabrera won it (if yesterday was six years ago), and I’m not ready to see another player take that title just yet.

Before Cabrera won it, the last person to do so was Carl Yastrzemski in 1967. Of course, baseball romantics would love to see another Red Sox player win the title, and of course, I want to see Martinez do well, even in a different uniform. The pang of it happening on another team is definitely there, though.

It’s the same pang I felt when I cheered for Justin Verlander finally getting his World Series ring. And the pang I felt watching Ian Kinsler take hacks in Anaheim before his trade to the Red Sox. It’s hard to watch your favorite players put on a new uniform and support a new club, no doubt.

But some trades are easier to stomach than others. Martinez in a Red Sox uni is a little easier to swallow than seeing him beardless in Yankees pinstripes, that’s for sure. And seeing a beloved player move to another American League team is nice because you know your home team is likely to play against them at least once per season.

With that in mind, our question this week is this: if your favorite player had to be traded to another team, which team would be acceptable and why?

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