What do you want to see from the Tigers in September?

Bruce Kluckhohn-USA TODAY Sports

Here are some of my hopes...

1)Matt Boyd ends up with a positive W/L record, say 12-11 or 13-11 and an ERA under 4.00. I know that modern thought tells us that W/L is meaningless, but for a youngish starting pitcher going into the off-season 13-11 certainly sounds better than 9-15 (or a Mike Marothish 8-20.)

2) The Fulminator finishes strong, maybe going so far as to throw a complete game shutout against a mid-tier team, putting himself in position to return to his ROY form. It may sound preposterous, but his 2018 season smells a little like Verlander's 2008 season and hopefully he can rebound the way JV did in 2009.

3) Nicholas Castellanos finishes strong and creeps the BA over .300 with 25 HRs and 90-95 RBI. Given how little protection he has received from the rest of the batting order this would be damn near comparable to the year JDM is putting up in Boston. OK, a bit hyperbolic, but still a very good year for Nicholas.

4) Iggy makes himself irreplaceable. We shouldn't be so willing to dump a slick fielding, .270 hitting shortstop as many seem to be without something really ready to step in and field as well and hit like, say, Manny Machado. I don't see anyone like that in the Tigers' farm system and I doubt that anyone else does either. Iggy might not be Andrelton Simmons, but neither is Andrelton Simmons this year.

5) No call-ups of top prospects in September. We're screwed this year and I think we all know it. Any player in the farm system who is either remotely ready for MLB or a long-term solution should be in the Arizona Fall League this year. Why? Because there's no reason to piss away MLB service time just to take a look or make a few fans happy. If a player is ready for MLB, let him prove it in Spring Training, then go to Toledo until May 15, then bring him up and insert him into the line-up. The Cubs had the balls not to cave to Scott Boras in the Bryant kerfluffle and to keep him in the minors and get one more year or team control. If the Tigers have a Bryant, a Trout, or a Harper in the system (doubtful at best) they should get as many years of team control out of him as they can before he hits free agency.

Those are my thoughts, let's hear yours.

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