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Detroit Tigers News: Michael Fulmer is getting an MRI on Monday

This Monday we cover some injuries, a farewell, and a few bright spots. Yes, those exist.

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St Louis Cardinals v Detroit Tigers Photo by Duane Burleson/Getty Images

Happy Monday, dear reader. I spent the bulk of my Saturday evening watching The Ohio State University football team put a hurtin’ on Texas Christian and pondering some of life’s bigger questions; if a bad team wins a series against the division leader in September does it mean anything? What is it like to watch Dawel Lugo take a walk? How exactly does one wrap a beer around his or her lips?

These questions remain unanswered, but one thing I did learn this weekend is that Jim Adduci is making a push to make “The Deuce” a household name outside of what’s going on at HBO. Let’s check in on what else is going on around the organization.

You can’t spell Michael Fulmer without MRI

The odds are pretty good that we’ve seen the last pitching Michael Fulmer is going to do for the Detroit Tigers in 2018. Fulmer exited Saturday’s contest early after tweaking his knee, and is scheduled to undergo an MRI to determine the severity of his injury. A significant issue would not only put a (merciful?) end to what has been a pretty dismal season for Fulmer, but would continue to color the trade talk that is sure to revolve around the young hurler once again this offseason.

No way, Jose?

When shortstop Jose Iglesias went on the disabled list last week, it not only put an end to his season, but may have signaled the end of his career as a Tiger. What are the odds that he returns to Detroit after this year? Manager Ron Gardenhire remains as opaque as a concrete wall with comments that don’t lend much insight into what the front office might do, though he seems pretty certain it won’t be a more exciting prospect like Willi Castro or Sergio Alcantara.

“Absolutely not,” Gardenhire said. “No way the bosses were going to do that. They’re not ready for this. They don’t think the players are ready and they aren’t going to put them in harm’s way.”

It’s hard to know if the front office has any idea what they are doing in several areas (this one included) so we will have to wait and see. The general consensus is that will depend on the offers he gets once he is on the market. Considering the organization spent the better part of two years with him propped up in the front yard with a ‘For Sale’ sign pinned to his chest and got no callers, there could be a good chance he signs for another year or two to bridge the gap between now and the shortstop of the future. Whoever that is.

This is just a tribute

Cleveland does a lot of things terribly — football, for one. Let us not also forget the desire to let some dude bang a drum for nine innings of a baseball game in a manner that leaves you wanting to scrape your eardrums out of your skull with knitting needles by the fourth inning of most games. But they did one thing well this weekend in honoring Victor Martinez in what was his last time playing in their ballpark.

Martinez got his start in Cleveland and played some great baseball for that organization, and you could tell by his tearful response during the pre-game ceremony that honored his time as an Indian that it meant a lot to him.


Lynn Henning of The Detroit News spends a series of paragraphs reminding Tigers fans that we are soon to see the second player to be named later that Detroit will receive for Mike Fiers. The guy who Detroit ended up unloading in August to the only team interested has put up stats that you should just stay blissfully ignorant of, because he has somehow become [redacted] good at pitching. [Ed.: It’s not that bad. He has a 3.09 ERA in eight starts and is still giving up a bunch of home runs.]

Alas, as Henning reminds us, the Tigers won’t be getting the return for the kind of pitcher Fiers is now, but for what he was when they traded him. In other words, temper those expectations.

Accentuate the positive

If you’re looking for a dose of good news in today’s links, you have found it here. Nicholas Castellanos continues to be a bright spot — at least offensively — for the team this season. Even though he isn’t seeing great pitches to hit, he is still getting things done.

Looking to fresher faces for positive news, recent call-up Spencer Turnbull came in on Friday night and made his debut look easy. In an appearance that didn’t fully represent how completely nervous he was, he set down three Tribe batters on just 11 pitches. Can’t wait to see more of him.

Around the horn

Minor league baseball players exploring a union as they continue to battle low wages. The last great pennant race? Why the CBA should be the province of lawyers.

Baseball is awesome

Never, ever bunt. Never. But, if you are going to bunt, bunt for a double.