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Watch Christin Stewart launch his first (and second!) career home run vs. the Royals

You’re going to see a lot of these from Stewart.

When the Detroit Tigers called up outfielder Christin Stewart on September 9, a common refrain was that fans wouldn’t have to wait long for his first home run. Stewart, the Tigers’ sixth ranked prospect according to MLB Pipeline, has been a prolific masher of taters throughout his time in the minor leagues. He launched 93 long balls in 3 12 seasons, covering 460 games played, and twice led his respective leagues in home runs.

Stewart’s approach at the plate has drawn a lot of praise early on in his major league career, but he hadn’t really given one a ride. In his 11th game since joining the Tigers, he finally got a hold of one. He enjoyed it so much, he quickly did it again.

In the first inning, in a 1-1 count, and JaCoby Jones already on base, Kansas City Royals starter Jorge Lopez left a changeup a little high on the outer edge of the zone, and Stewart jumped all over it. While just barely lined over the wall in right field, they all count the same, and Stewart will hopefully have himself a souvenir after some negotiations.

An inning later, with JaCoby Jones on base again, along with Pete Kozma, Lopez tried a different tack against Stewart. He started him inside with a twoseam fastball for a ball, after staying away the whole first at-bat. The next pitch? A slider inner third that hung up a bit, and which Stewart launched high and deep to right field for his second bomb of the day. This one was majestic in scope.

When we talk about the fun of watching talented young players develop into legitimate major leaguers, this is what we’re talking about. Stewart is the first wave of a lot better class of prospect than Tigers fans have seen in Comerica Park in a long, long time. 2019 looks a good deal brighter with his presence in the lineup.