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The Tigers went Wonka for their annual rookie dress up

So orange.

Relief pitcher Alex Wilson was so excited for the team’s annual rookie dress-up event that he was already tweeting about it hours before the pictures were released to the public.

Rookie dress-up is a time honored tradition among major league baseball teams, that usually takes place on the last travel day of the season. In recent years teams have had to come up with some pretty unique concepts, and for the 2018 Tigers it was evident that someone was doing some serious thinking about this before the event.

The rookies were dressed as Oompa Loompas, the orange-skinned, green-haired assistants from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

They even danced.

It is surprisingly hard to differentiate who is who among the many rookies, especially when they’re all decked out in orange body paint. And what’s up with the one dude in a blue blow-up sumo suit?

What do you think of this year’s rookie dress up?

Update: the blueberry is Joe Jimenez, and man it’s not easy getting onto a bus in that outfit.