Dan Gilbert and the Tigers?

Gilbert allegedly interested in the Tigers

Before I get crucified for this, I did also read an article on Bloomberg which stated that Dan Gilbert has already hired a firm to represent his casino's in the selling process. In short, there seems to be some legs to this. Curious to know everyone's thought's on this and if they feel that would be a positive move for the organization. I believe it could be for two reasons:

1. Dan Gilbert has deep pockets and should become even deeper with the sales(potential) of his casino ventures.

2. Dan Gilbert is incredibly passionate about Detroit and has expressed interest in the past in owning the Tigers...I won't go out on a limb and say he has the same level of passion Mr. I had, because, let's face it, Mr. I was on a whole other level. But, I do think he would be more motivated than Chris Illitch who is rumored to only have an affinity for the Red Wings. Most people know that the Tiger's was Mr. I's thing.

All in all, I would be cautiously optimistic if this were to happen, I emphasize the word "if" for obvious reasons.

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