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Bless You Boys Podcast 33: Ok we’re ready for baseball now, thanks

The staff of Bless You Boys checks in on the state of the Detroit Tigers.

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Detriot Tigers v Baltimore Orioles Photo by Mitchell Layton/Getty Images

Ashley and Brandon fire up a podcast that’s been sitting out in frigid temperatures undriven for a month. Unfortunately, there is still precious little warmth emitting from the hot stove to help us along. We took a look back at the Tigers offseason, the options they have remaining this offseason, and the chilly relations between free agents and teams around the league.

  • The Tigers signed Jordy Mercer and Tyson Ross, and that’s fine. More please.
  • Are the Tigers going to do anything else, and other cries for help.
  • Will Nicholas Castellanos be traded or has the ship already sailed on those possibilities?
  • Matt Shepherd takes over as the Tigers new play-by-play man.
  • State of free agency.
  • More complaints about how the Tigers could benefit from picking up a few more free agents.
  • Listener questions

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Intro: “Let’s Save Tony Orlando’s House” - Yo La Tengo