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Best of Bless You Boys community FanPosts in 2018

You guys wrote some tremendous stuff last year!

MLB: SEP 05 Tigers at White Sox Photo by Quinn Harris/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Here at Bless You Boys we consider ourselves infinitely lucky to have some of the best readers on the internet. And what’s more, some of you guys have a ton writing talent as well, which makes my life a lot easier every Friday of the regular season when I give you FanPost Friday prompts.

We wanted to take a moment to spotlight some of the best FanPosts of 2018 and get you inspired for the new year!

This is just a random sampling of some of the work that has been submitted to us over the last 12 months. Some of you guys are super prolific, and it was hard to narrow these down, but please know we read every single post that goes live on the site.

January 2018 started off in a cool way, with Custom Detroit Tiger Cards by brewingcards. BT Mike also made some New Years Resolutions for the Tigers, including a suggestion that Victor Martinez should retire. Looks like that one came to pass. Dan Hogan 95 wrote Some things for the next CBA that, honestly, some folks in the MLB might want to actually think about.

February found MaizeAndBlueWahoo speculating about The five minor-league prospects to watch this year and no surprise the names should look familiar to anyone who read our recent top 30. Uncle Lefty bemoaned the state of the Tigers relief pitching in Even Rebuilding Teams Need a Functional Bullpen.

To kick off March, rschutzpah wrote When the wrong things are demanded about the lagging free agent market, something still worth reading now. Iffythedopester wrote Charlie Bennett: “Our Catcher” and as history pieces go, it’s second to none. Kenon Carter (who would later become a staff writer almost directly as a result of this post) wrote the moving memoir A Non-Michigander’s Journey to Diehard Tiger Fanaticism. AZ_Tiger_fan rooted for the tank in Al Avila is tanking harder than you think. And it’s great. The month wound down with a view to the future of free agency by Winter Trabex called Cheap, Greedy, and Past It.

Dan Hogan 95 gets our first repeat mention for his April contribution Traveling to Baltimore for Tigers/Orioles? This is the kind of FanPost we’d love to see more of from Tiger fans in other cities, by the way, so if you want to write something similar for a series in 2019, please do! GabieBaby took an optimistic look at the Tigers future in Tigers’ 2018 draft and beyond: It’s really not that bleak, everyone.

In May, JajaBojangles wrote A basic look at spin rate and what it means for pitches. Markklein wrote the sobering What there is to learn about baseball from a failing Independent League franchise.

June saw a favorite topic of debate emerge, as Detroit.Dave.84 speculated that Baseball Will Soon Do a Realignment With the Addition of Teams. Frequent contributor BigMaxN tried to determine who The Best 5 Tigers ever were.

During the height of the season, July saw jaypolger Finding expendable position players at the deadline (spoiler alert, Willi Castro is on the list). mrsunshine looked back with 2018 Rule-5 Draft Review (another Where Are They Now?).

Skipping ahead to September, we have another JajaBojangles piece, the hilariously accurate The Best (Least Terrible) and the Worst (Cavalcade of Crap) of 2018.

In October we had three really standout posts from danielleobal: Talking Tigers tradition from a Canadian perspective, John Hiller: Come Hiller High Water, and Cheating in baseball: a tale of telescopes and electroshock therapy.

December saw a flurry of activity, with ButternutMI speculating why The Tigers approach to the rebuild is incorrect. SkitchP wrote Hey, Hey, Spendings Down. And JaJaBogangles strikes again with Verlander’s Impossible Inning: The finest inning ever pitched as analysed by Foolish Baseball.

Of course, we’d be remiss if we didn’t single out the incredible contributions of Dan Dickerson to the site. The long time Tigers radio broadcaster has given us his unique insight on the game, and great behind the scenes interviews with those inside the Tigers organization.

Here are the pieces Dan wrote for us in 2018. We look forward to more in 2019.

Lloyd McClendon and the Launch Angle
A conversation with Doug Mientkiewicz
Midseason musings from Dan Dickerson
The mystery of the 19th century sabermetrician
The Indians win big by focusing on old school strategies
Some Tigers thoughts from spring training

Thank you all for submitting your work and sharing your unique insights with us. We truly appreciate it.