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BYB Podcast #34: Mariano Rivera is the only thing people agree on

The Bless You Boys editorial staff looks at the week’s news in Tigers baseball and beyond.

Mariano Rivera

We’re back with a Hall of Fame heavy episode. The Tigers did a few minor things, but most of the talk around the game revolved today around Mariano Rivera’s unanimous first ballot selection to Cooperstown, a feat which, bizarrely, no one had ever managed until today. Sportswriters man...someone always has to be the curmudgeon. Imagine not voting for Ken Griffey Jr. or Greg Maddux the moment they appeared on Hall of Fame ballots. Ridiculous. We took look at the oversight of catchers in the Hall, Jay Jaffe’s JAWS system, listener questions and more.

  • We take a look at the Tigers minor league signings and wonder what they say about hopes for the Tigers actually signing any more real major leaguers this offseason.
  • The Baseball Writers Association of America elected Mariano Rivera, Mike Mussina, Roy Halladay, and Edgar Martinez to the hallowed halls on Tuesday.
  • We look at Jay Jaffe’s JAWS system for peak years and Hall of Fame credentials.
  • Put more catchers in the Hall of Fame. Do it.
  • Listener questions

With all the fuss about Mariano, you may be looking for this later today.

Intro: “Let’s Save Tony Orlando’s House” -Yo La Tengo