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Detroit Tigers Winter Caravan: Highlights from day one

Sundaes, gift baskets... PUPPIES.

Kansas City Royals v Detroit Tigers Photo by Duane Burleson/Getty Images

Tis the season to start looking forward to baseball. While it might be cold and snowy, the Detroit Tigers players are back in town and taking some time to visit local business and meet with fans around Detroit ahead of the annual Tiger Fest taking place this weekend at Comerica Park. That’s right, kids, it’s Winter Caravan time!

Of course, it wouldn’t be Caravan without a visit from everyone’s favorite non-Gritty mascot: Paws.

On Friday many of the players were out and about to promote the upcoming baseball season, and several new faces were among them.

Jordy Mercer is excited about the club and franchise, and has already really honed his skills at selling that excitement to the media.

Shane Greene, meanwhile, was hard at work serving up meals.

At the risk of it being too early for Best Shape of His Life discussions, both Miguel Cabrera and Jordan Zimmermann talked about how ready they are to take on the upcoming season.

Matt Boyd, who apparently gained 15 pounds of muscle this offseason working with a performance coach, took some time to chat with Fox Sports Detroit about his non-profit in Uganda.

Miguel Cabrera helped deliver gift baskets.

Jordy Mercer and Shane Greene PLAYED WITH PUPPIES.

And Shane Greene really knows how to top off a sundae.

It wouldn’t be Caravan unless there was a contest to put on fire gear fastest.

It might all be fun and games, but the Winter Caravan is truly a spot of light at the end of a long tunnel during the offseason. It’s an opportunity for fans to see the players, to meet the new guys, and to get excited for the upcoming year.

Regardless of some of the discouraging comments made by the team’s management lately, this really is where excitement starts to build, and gets people hyped for the return of baseball.