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Detroit Tigers News: Has the ball been de-juiced?

It seems that MLB might have pulled the ol’ switcheroo on the baseball used in the playoffs.

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MLB: AL Wild Card-Tampa Bay Rays at Oakland Athletics Darren Yamashita-USA TODAY Sports

There has been no shortage of excitement in this year’s MLB playoffs, but something seems a bit off. It appears that the ball just is not jumping off the bat the way it did during the regular season, and our eyes just might not be playing tricks on us. On Thursday, the media published several pieces investigating into this phenomenon.

Has the playoff baseball been de-juiced?

While playoff baseball has only just started advancing to the League Championship Series, already something has felt amiss as home run frequency has plummeted precipitously. Fortunately, there are very smart people who are good with numbers out there ready to solve this problem with spreadsheets filled with data sets.

Rob Arthur published an article for Baseball Prospectus that takes a look at air resistance as a measure of the ball’s “juiciness”. By measuring the decrease in velocity from the release point to when it crosses the plate using data from Major League Baseball’s pitch tracking system, the author is able to ascertain how much drag is being created by the ball, which has since been confirmed by a commission of scientists and statisticians. His conclusion for the 2019 postseason: the difference in the drag coefficient from week-to-week has changed more than at any point in the season, by a factor of three. The graph posted above illustrates how drastic this difference is.

MLB officials have denied that there have been any substantial changes between the regular season and the playoff baseball. However, the evidence and the eye test says otherwise, though it comes as no surprise that the league’s front office is mostly mum on the subject. Regardless of whether there is any negligence involved, hopefully MLB can get this whole “juiced” ball ordeal under control moving forward into the future.

More managerial mayhem

The axe has fallen again for another MLB manager, this time it is the Philadelphia Phillies’ skipper Gabe Kapler who was given his walking papers on Thursday. Kapler joins seven other managers in the unemployment line as teams who missed out on the postseason look to start retooling for next year.

In related news, Miami Marlins third base coach Fredi Gonzalez announced that he will not return to the team and will instead “explore other options”. He is not the only coach to depart from the Marlins’ dugout after bench coach Tim Wallach left, as well as reports that neither catching coach Brian Schneider nor bullpen coach Dean Treanor will return for the 2020 season.

Fake fans?

Bless You Boys’ own Ashley MacLennan takes a look at the bizarre conspiracy theory that the Tampa Bay Rays was paying people to attend Tuesday night’s game against the Houston Astros under the guise of home team fans. Not only is this suggestion patently ridiculous, but your humble linksmith was at the game in person and saw no evidence of such shenanigans.

Team USA rosters released

The rosters for Team USA Premier12 have been released, and not a single Tigers prospect is among the players selected. The list includes some familiar names such as Jo Adell and Andrew Vaughn, as well as some repeat performers such as Erik Kratz. The team will train towards the end of October before traveling to Mexico for the opening round of the tournament.

Isaac Paredes’ home run

Derek Hill also homered Thursday evening in Arizona Fall League play.

Glorious Tigers history

Base hits

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A touching moment

Around the horn

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