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Detroit Tigers to return to a smaller Olde English D this season

The fans have spoken.

Arizona Diamondbacks v Detroit Tigers Photo by Mark Cunningham/MLB Photos via Getty Images

If you were among those who raised a quizzical brow and asked, “But... why?” when the Tigers announced uniform changes last season, then this new update will appeal to you.

Ahead of the 2018 season, the Tigers made some seemingly small, but ultimately polarizing changes to their uniforms. They switched out the D on the uniform to match the Olde English D on the caps, and then made the cap D bigger in an effort to fall in line with logo trends across the league.

There was backlash, and fans spoke out against the changes. It sounds like the Tigers were listening. Speaking with Detroit Free Press reporter Anthony Fenech, vice president of communications Ron Colangelo explained the decision to revert the D, saying, “Based on fan input, we made a slight adjustment to the size and positioning of the iconic Olde English ‘D’. We love the traditional look and we’re excited for the start of the upcoming season.”

The new D will not be exactly the same size as in previous seasons, but will definitely be a size reduction from the 2018 version.

Here’s a reminder of how the 2018 version compared to 2017. At the time, we really hated it.

It remains to be see how the new D will size up to the previous versions, but we’re just glad the larger D experiment is at an end.