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Sign up for Bless You Boys’ FanPulse today!

Do you have opinions about the Tigers? Sure you do! Let’s voice them in another corner of the internet.

MLB: Spring Training-New York Yankees at Detroit Tigers Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Those of you who spend time on other SB Nation sites, baseball or otherwise, may have seen calls to join FanPulse, SB Nation’s newest way to measure how fans feel about their favorite team. Some of you may have even participated in this venture on other sites.

Today, we get our chance. Click here to join our FanPulse if you’re ready to jump right in.

For those looking for a bit more information, we have that! The fine folks at SB Nation have given me a script to copy and paste* into an article, but longtime readers know we aren’t about that life. Read on to learn a bit more.

*SB Nation people: If you put that many contractions into one of my articles ever again, I will give all of you wet willies and rate your podcasts just two stars.

What is FanPulse?

FanPulse is a weekly survey run by various sites around SB Nation that issues weekly questions to subscribers about the goings on of their favorite team. It is completely free, and entirely anonymous (we think). We will then use the data and whatever cool graphics are generated from it to report on week-to-week changes among the fanbase.

This sounds like those confidence polls you used to run

Yup, pretty much. But these ones will have fancier graphics!

Will they send me lots of emails?

No. As far as we can tell, you will get one email a week containing the survey, and nothing else. And if you do get a second one now and then, it’s still less annoying than Uncle Larry asking you every other day why they still use the DH when it clearly ruined the game, and I remember when there was only one game on TV a week...

Should I sign up for other teams too?

Only if you like that team. We like giving our division rivals crap as much as the next website, but screwing with their FanPulse results isn’t cool, man. Stick to ours, and any other teams you like. Save the snarky comments for your weird cousins who are White Sox fans when you see them at the family reunion this summer.

Did you get paid to write this?

Yes, yes I did. The yacht arrives next week.

Finally, here is the part we are supposed to say

We are considered the voice of the Tigers community here at Bless You Boys, and we talk every day about how the Tigers are doing — whether they will win their upcoming game or how readers feel about that awful call from the umpires.

Now, we are starting a new polling project that will pull together the insights of the most plugged-in Tigers fans.

If that describes you, then SIGN UP HERE to join us on SB Nation FanPulse. This project was started on SB Nation’s NFL sites last season. Here’s an example of the results from those weirdos at our Detroit sister site, Pride of Detroit:

If you sign up, you will be among a hand-selected group from Bless You Boys who answer a survey developed by SB Nation. The survey will start going out regularly once the season begins.

We want to build the definitive poll of informed Tigers fans, and that includes you. Your votes will be anonymous — though if you join, you are welcome (and encouraged!) to tell anyone you like.

The results of each poll will be published by Bless You Boys (that’s us!) and may end up on also, along with the results from other team sites.

Ready to sign up as a Bless You Boys FanPulse participant? CLICK HERE.