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The Erie SeaWolves will be the Erie Piñatas this season and the uniforms are amazing

The SeaWolves are taking part in minor league baseball’s Copa de la Diversión series in 2019.

Minor league baseball has its problems, as our friend Emily Waldon of The Athletic recently pointed out so thoroughly in a wonderful article you should definitely read. But it can be pretty great too.

Specifically, the minor league teams themselves are always finding ways to make games fun. This year, the Erie SeaWolves are doing so while also honoring owner Fernando Aguirre. As part of minor league baseball’s Copa de la Diversión Series (or “Fun Cup”) the SeaWolves will become the Erie Piñatas for four games in 2019.

And the uniforms are incredible.

The Series, as described by, is “a season-long event series specifically designed to embrace the culture and values that resonate most with participating teams’ local U.S. Hispanic/Latino communities.” The program has expanded to 72 teams in 2019 after 33 clubs participated last year.

Why the Piñatas?

From Erie’s press release:

The alternate identity was inspired by team owner Fernando Aguirre’s childhood playing baseball and celebrating with family and friends in Mexico. Each Piñatas game day will feature Latin music, distinct food and drink offerings, high-energy traditions and colorful caps and jerseys. The Piñatas logo, along with the on-field jerseys and caps, were designed by Louisville, KY based design firm Studio Simon.

Is there more gear?

You bet there is. The “Piñatas. Cerveza. Béisbol.” shirt is bound to be a best-seller, along with their sugar skull t-shirt.

The hats are pretty awesome, too.

Want more fun? There are 71 other varieties to choose from.