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BYB Podcast Episode 39: Michael Fulmer is hurt and its awful

The editorial staff discusses the week’s news from the Detroit Tigers and the baseball world at large.

Detroit Tigers v Cleveland Indians Photo by David Maxwell/Getty Images

It’s a grim day in Tigertown as Michael Fulmer is out for the year with a blown elbow. We discuss some of the fallout from this most awful news, and whether the Tigers should take the opportunity to get a little more radical in deploying their pitching staff. Baseball appears ready to confront its labor issues before things get worse, and our old colleague, Emily Waldon, is leading the charge. Plus, Mike Trout gets paid in full, our season preview series continues, and we answer your listener questions.

  • Michael Fulmer is headed toward UCL reconstruction surgery and we’re a bit gutted.
  • Who takes Fulmer’s spot in the rotation, amid other fallout from the news?
  • MLB seems to be taking the ongoing labor strife seriously
  • Emily Waldon pushed the minor leaguers pay to the forefront with a great piece for the Athletic
  • Mike Trout signs an extension that is easily the biggest contract ever, and still not big enough.
  • Quick previews of the AL/NL East
  • Listener questions

Finally, you can check out the premier of BYB deputy editor Ashley MacLennan’s new baseball basics YouTube channel here.

Intro: “Let’s Save Tony Orlando’s House” -Yo La Tengo