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New YouTube channel aims to educate and entertain baseball fans

Welcome to our own deputy editor, Ashley MacLennan’s newest project.

MLB: Spring Training-Seattle Mariners at Yomiuri Giants Darren Yamashita-USA TODAY Sports

Beyond our coverage of Detroit Tigers news, and the analysis we provide at Bless You Boys, one of our key mandates is to be an ally to the game at large, and to do our small part to encourage its growth and appreciation. Baseball is our favorite game, after all. So in the course of a season, you’ll see everything from articles on ballpark food and promotions, to baseball history, the business of the game, assorted snark, all the way to deep dives into the latest metrics.

We like to bring something to the table for any level of fan to enjoy, and the smartest, best looking, and most welcoming online community in baseball is a big part of making that happen. We thank you.

BYB deputy editor Ashley MacLennan, who also works for our sister site DRaysBay, has been featured in FanGraphs and The Hardball Times, and somehow writes books all on top of her 9-to-5, is taking things a step farther. If you’re a frequent listener of the Bless You Boys podcast, you’ve probably already heard about her new project. She’s branching out with her own YouTube channel, 90 Feet From Home. The goal, is to educate and entertain fans with episodes designed to make the game more accessible for everyone.

The first video, which debuted on Tuesday, is part of a basic guide to baseball for beginners. Early episodes will feature a lot of the basics a newcomer to the game needs to know. But there are ideas for a wide variety of content. Equipment, rules, history, breakdowns of types of skills, elements of playing each position, and potentially, the live deconstruction of an actual major league issue baseball are just some of the topics likely to be featured in various episodes.

Fortunately for all of us, MacLennan will be working on the YouTube project in addition to her myriad other endeavors, so we will be gaining a fun new baseball channel, without our coverage suffering from her absence. Please check it out here, use it as a primer for newcomers, suggest topics you’d like to see in future videos, click like, and subscribe.