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Gear up for Opening Day with these Tigers items

Baseball is back! Let’s make sure you’re ready to go with some new merch.

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Opening Day is here! The Tigers are set to kick off the 2019 season in Toronto this week — and will actually open their season on time this year.

While we can’t say how exactly the season will unfold — as you probably know, the Tigers are projected to finish in last place by multiple outlets — baseball season is still far better than the rest of the calendar year. Whether you’re at the ballpark or just sitting at home on the couch, the return of the game we love is something to celebrate.

No matter where you are, it’s always fun to be decked out in great Tigers gear. To get ready for the upcoming season, Bless You Boys put together a guide of assorted Tigers items that you can use that sweet, sweet tax return money to purchase. Whether they are bought for yourself or a loved one, we’re here to help with a few gift ideas for the 2019 season.

Bring on the swag because it don’t wanna walk you

You may now know Gibby as one of the Tigers’ everyday announcers on Fox Sports Detroit, but he was a pretty darn good baseball player back in the day too. Relive your 1984 glory days with this awesome throwback pullover jersey.

It’s so cold in the D

It’s not exactly warm in Detroit this time of year, so you will want to layer up if you are heading down to the ballpark. The throwback logo on this zip-up hoodie is an added bonus.

Sometimes, hoodies and mittens aren’t enough to make it through the cold April (and October, eventually) nights at Comerica Park. This scarf will help keep your outsides warm. Beverages to heat your insides: not included.

If you’re going to the ballpark more than once or twice a week — or you just like sweatshirts, I don’t know — you might want to pick up a second hoodie! This one has a more modern look to it, and a lighter price tag to boot.

Bought a lot of stuff? You’ll need to carry it somewhere

The Washington Nationals won’t let you in their ballpark with a backpack on anymore — and we won’t lie, this bag might not make the cut at Comerica Park either. But that doesn’t mean you can’t look cool while supporting the Tigers at all of the other awesome places you go throughout your day.

The weather will eventually warm up, which means it’s time for t-shirts and tank tops! This one is only available in limited sizes right now — which means it’s popular! — so be sure to grab it while you can.

Whether you need it to hold your coffee (or other things) at a pre-game tailgate or just want to have the coolest mug at your office, you can’t beat this one — and yes, it has a more accurate depiction of our great state than the actual Bless You Boys logo.

Why am I seeing this? Bless You Boys explains.

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