5 Bold Predictions for 2019

OK Ashley, I'll play this game. Going to try to be serious about this one, because there is a lot of comedy that could be had with a topic like this one.

1. At least three players on the opening day roster will be DFA before the end of the season.

Not exactly sure which ones, but my guess is that Farmer, Beckham and VerHagen. Garrett could be a possibility as well, though he technically has to be offered back to the Rangers, that is close enough. Daniel Stumpf is another possibility as well as Moore and Ross if they do not perform. The reasons will be a combination of performance and needing roster space for guys in the minors who are forcing their way up.

2. The Tigers will be very active in the trade market prior to the trade deadline.

Maybe not that bold of a prediction, but they will move anyone and everyone not nailed down and not part of the rebuild for just about anything they can get. Fulmer is not going to net prospects anytime soon, but expect the Tigers to trade Boyd, Moore and Ross if they do well, and possibly Zimmermann by eating a ton of his contract. I also think they will eventually take something for Castellanos rather than address an extension or risk harming his free agent value because he has a QO attached. There is a slight possibility they extend him. Tigers are looking to see if they can handle an OF of Stewart and Castellanos right now, but they will find out that is cruel and unusual punishment for their pitchers. That will end any consideration of an extension and he finds himself in another uniform before August 1.

3. Tigers will play very well (for them) for 4 months, then fade fast.

Third place in the AL Central in July, hovering just below .500. Then #2 happens and they crash. Still expect them to beat last year's record and finish above the Royals. Will end up with the third pick in next year's draft behind the Marlins and Royals.

4. Several prospects will make their debut this year.

Won't be Casey Mize, but look for Manning, Perez, Burrows, Robson, Cameron, Burrows, Castro, Funkhouser, Rogers, Willi Castro to come up at some point. Not all of them, but a good number of them. The DFA's and the trades will create room for anyone who's performance warrants a call up. OK, I will grant that there is an outside shot Mize is one of them. Verlander was drafted in 2004 and made his debut late in 2005. Not sure Mize is exactly comparable to Verlander but Mize does have the ability to rise quite quickly.

5. Attendance will be better than last year (barely)

The combination of good early play with the ascent of some prospects and some ticket discounting by the Tigers will be enough to push attendance up a bit, just over 1.9M for the season.

I really am not sure these predictions are all that bold, but I did put them in bold, so maybe that counts?! Anyways, I had fun with this list and sure others will with theirs. And have all the fun you want ripping this to shreds as well. Baseball is finally back and that puts me in a very good mood!

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