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Check out Jordy Mercer’s game-saving play in extra innings

Mercer’s throw kept the score tied in extra innings.

What a game! The Detroit Tigers took a 4-3 decision over the Toronto Blue Jays on Sunday in a contest that was light on offense for a while, but certainly did not skimp on the drama. The Tigers took a 3-0 lead in the seventh, only to see it evaporate in one Rowdy Tellez swing in the eighth.

After forcing extra innings, it looked like pinch hitter Freddy Galvis had come up with a game-winner. But Jordy Mercer had other ideas.

I’m not sure which part is more impressive here. Simply getting to that ball was impressive enough for Mercer, who is normally a solid, if unspectacular defender. Then there’s the throw, which — okay yeah, it’s the throw.

Anyway, if that doesn’t happen, Nicholas Castellanos’ game-winning RBI single doesn’t either.

Despite being shut out two days in a row, the Tigers earned an impressive road series split in Toronto, and move on to New York next week.