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FanPost Friday: Which non-Tigers player is your favorite?

Baseball has a lot of lovable characters.

MLB: Texas Rangers at Los Angeles Angels Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports

There is no shortage of fascinating individuals in baseball. There are heroes and villains, comedians and straight-men. Regardless of how many issues MLB has marketing its stars, those who watch baseball regularly have no difficulty finding standout characters you can’t help but love, even on another team.

This week for our FanPost Friday prompt, we want to know which non-Tigers player is your favorite? Ideally they should have never played for the Tigers (which counts out Alex Avila for me, and Justin Verlander out for pretty much everyone else). What first made you notice them? Why do you like them so much? Is it Charlie Blackmon for his deadpan humor? Mike Trout for his overall good-at-everythingness and love of weather? Just let us know which non-Tiger is a standout for you.

Head over to the FanPosts section and select “New FanPost” on the left, then confess your outside fandom.

Shoutout to user Steve Butts for his mighty unusual selection for last week’s prompt where we asked which former Tiger you wanted to bring back.