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Watch Grayson Greiner hit his first career home run

This had to feel good.

There are some milestones in a player’s career they will never forget. For Tigers catcher Grayson Greiner, one of those came on Friday night in a chilly game against the Chicago White Sox.

With the Tigers lagging behind 7-1, Greiner came to the plate looking to take back a little of the lead, and he did so in monster fashion, smashing a home run into the right field seats.

For a team that has struggled with home run numbers this season, this bomb — following Josh Harrison’s first home run of the season earlier in the game — was a very welcome sight indeed.

Upon Greiner’s return to the dugout, a party mood came over the Tigers and they joyfully high-fived him as if he had just walked off the game. It probably felt like he had.