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BYB Podcast #41: Taco Tuesdays with the Tigers

The BYB staff discusses the week in baseball.

Detroit Tigers Photo Day Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

The Tigers have pitched and scrapped their way out to a 3-3 start, despite some weak efforts at the plate. Brandon and Ashley discuss the merits of the Tigers pitching staff through their first six turns, and see signs of life in the offense. Niko Goodrum gets his usual dose of love, and we enjoy Bryce Harper embracing heel mode in Washington with authority. This was recorded on the night of Taco Tuesday, in the small sample size glow of the season’s first week, and with regard to these conditions we refuse to be held responsible for any claims, suggestions, or arguments put forth in the recording of this podcast.

  • Dustin Peterson came up big, and all you can talk about is Niko Goodrum.
  • This rotation, eh? Ok, let’s just hold our horses because it’s six games.
  • Bryce Harper returned to Washington like a boss.
  • It was a fun first week of baseball around the league.
  • The David Hess situation or, how many pitches can a man pitch in a no-hitter, before they call him a man?
  • Check out Ashley’s YouTube channel.