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Watch this mesmerizing Shane Greene slider over and over and over

Poor Clint Frazier. Shane Greene did him dirty.

The Detroit Tigers have scored just 12 runs this season, but are still 4-3 on the year. Their amazing starting pitching has a lot to do with that, and timely hitting from role players like Dustin Peterson and Gordon Beckham has also helped.

But the bullpen also deserves a lot of credit. They have only given up two runs this year, and put up nothing but zeroes in their most recent series against the New York Yankees. Spearheading the effort is closer Shane Greene, who was lights out in a pair of saves against his former team this week.

We’ve seen Greene dominate in a bullpen role before. And if he keeps throwing sliders like this? Good luck, baseball.

That’s poor Clint Frazier catching nothing but air on what looks like a whiffleball out of Greene’s hand.

(h/t to @sung_minkim for the original gif. We didn’t want to get him in trouble with MLB’s GIF-hunting minions, so make sure to give him a follow.)