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BYB Podcast 44: Warm in the afterglow of Casey Mize’s no-no

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The staff of Bless You Boys looks at the week in baseball from a Tigers’ perspective.

Adam Dubbin / Bless You Boys

After a rough stretch in which the Tigers lost 4 straight to plunge below .500, they rebounded with a win in Philly on Tuesday. But that doesn’t erase some ugly memories from their weekend in Chicago. On the plus side, Matt Boyd and several other younger players have continued to impress.

20:00- We get into Casey Mize’s no-hitter, and his poise and polish in the aftermath. We also consider the pace of the rebuild, how to bring these arms along, and wonder where the bats are supposed to come from without undercutting the foundation in pitching.

Intro: “Majorette” -Beach House