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Detroit Tigers News: Tyson Ross placed on injured list

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We also talked about that Albert Pujols baseball story that just won’t die.

Detroit Tigers v Minnesota Twins Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

Somehow, as we coast into the middle of May, the Minnesota Twins own not only the best record in the AL Central, they lead all of Major League Baseball sitting at 25-14 — even after the weekend series where your Detroit Tigers strolled into the land of the Purple Rain and showed the Twins what it sounds like when doves cry.

The Tigers managed to split a four-game road tilt against what is, inexplicably, the best team in baseball right now. I’ll take my silver linings where I can get them. Up next are the Houston Astros, a series I’m sure will be a cakewalk. Here’s what’s going on with your Detroit Tigers.

Ross to the IL

The latest member of the starting rotation to fall to injury is none other than Tyson Ross. Ross is suffering from right elbow neuritis; if you’re wondering what that is, I can tell you it involves elbow stuff. Other than that, I would suggest you speak with a medical professional.

For now, Ryan Carpenter will be staying in the rotation, but that still leaves an open spot. Word on the street is that James Shields (barf) could be an option. Lord help us. My kingdom for Big Sexy.

The story of a ball

Somehow, the biggest story of last week was that of Ely Hydes and Albert Pujols. It would seem that Albert hit his 2,000th RBI on a home run, and young Mr. Hydes caught the ball. Much like Rick Astley, Hydes came to the conclusion that he was never gonna give it up. Mr. Hydes, a young gentleman who looks like the bassist for every terrible college jam band you’ve ever seen, felt a little put-off by the approach the Tigers organization took with him in trying to recover said baseball.

After a weekend of reflection — and ranting toward the Ilitch family — Mr. Hydes had a change of heart, and traded that ball for a grip of Hebrew Nationals. It sounds like a positive outcome for him. Let us not forget though, that this whole saga was possible because we, as a fanbase, are more than willing to let trivial things such as this distract us from what was a truly horrible performance in Thursday’s 13-0 loss.


It seems like Nicholas Castellanos made a bit of mistake when speaking to the media about former Manager Brad Ausmus during the series against the Angels: he was honest. In an effort to clarify a statement in which he may have been purported to label Ausmus as a bad communicator, Nick simply said that Ausmus had a different style than the current skipper, Ron Gardenhire.

In a very Batman-esque take on things, we are led to the conclusion that Gardenhire is the manager with the communication skills that this team needs right now. For what it’s worth I like that he used the word “prick” when referring to Ausmus and his managerial style.

Norris goes deep for the first time in two years

Daniel Norris pitched himself quite the nice game on Sunday. It marked the first time in two years he managed to take a game into the seventh inning. Pitching 6 13 innings with five strikeouts is good to see. Let’s hope the consistent string of starts helps Norris settle in as something close to what we have hoped he could be.

Nick opens up

Career-wise, things aren’t going the way Nick Castellanos had envisioned. Up until last year, he saw himself as an integral piece of the Tigers organization. That vision has sense changed. The writing is on the wall for him, and he sees it. It’s a difficult reality to work in, but he is fully aware he is seen as an expendable piece, and not a part of the long term plan. Nonetheless, the right fielder does his best to stay positive and find enjoyment in a game that, on the business side, hasn’t given him much to be happy about.

The tale of Shane Greene

Shane Greene’s story is an interesting one. From that of an injured college player who rehabbed himself back into a position where he was drafted by the New York Yankees to a starter who moved to the bullpen due to a variety of issues, Greene has had quite the journey. In an interesting trip through the course of his career, Jeff Seidel of The Detroit Free Press chronicles the trajectory and the day-to-day existence of a guy who still can’t feel two of his fingers in his throwing hand a good deal of the time.

Around the horn

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