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Detroit Tigers News: Let’s talk about something other than the losing streak

The injuries are piling up as well as the losses, but all is not ill in Tigerland.

Oakland Athletics v Detroit Tigers Photo by Duane Burleson/Getty Images

The Detroit Tigers’ losing streak has reached seven games — and one-half if you count the suspended game from Sunday that saw the Athletics take the lead before Mother Nature relieved herself on Comerica Park.

Suffice to say, it has been a tough week for the boys in the Olde English D, as well as their fanbase.

Normally, I would insert some encouraging, optimistic follow-up to a depressing paragraph such as the one above, but to be honest, all I have for you today are these nuggets of news from the weekend.

Franklin Perez is injured... again

Franklin Perez, the No. 5 prospect on Bless You Boys’ 2019 preseason list, is injured again. This is the fourth time the centerpiece of the Justin Verlander trade has been sent to the injured list since coming over in 2017. Someone needs to buy a pallet of bubble wrap and a swimming pool full of packing peanuts for him.

Or, you know, change something in his approach, like his arm slot.

Fenech is on fire

Anthony Fenech, the Detroit Free Press’ Tigers beat writer, has been at his sauciest in 2019. Suffice to say, he has not been pulling any punches this year, calling out Tigers management and the front office on their shenanigans. Stay tuned for more of The Fury of Fenech, coming soon to a Twitter feed near you.

It’s MLB draft season!

Right hand pitcher Daniel Espino and outfielder Hunter Bishop, along with third baseman Kody Hoese (we have prospects in different area codes) are currently featured here on Bless You Boys. Espino, a hard-throwing high school student originally from Panama, might be an option in the second round for the Tigers if he falls on draft day. Bishop might be the five-tool unicorn the Tigers never seem to be able to capture out of Arizona State. Hoese is a heavy-hitting infielder who may also be a good option in the second round if he falls.

Two Clemens, three games

Not to invoke one of the more disturbing memes in recent internet history, but the two Clemens brothers recently faced off when the Dunedin Blue Jays visited the Flying Tigers in Lakeland, Fla. The duo progeny of should-be Hall of Famer Roger Clemens matched up for the weekend series that saw the Tigers’ half, Kody Clemens, go 4-for-11 with a walk, three strikeouts, three RBI topped off with a double. Not too shabby for Detroit’s third round pick of 2018 and the youngest son of the Clemens brood.

Old Friend Alert

Former Tigers first-round-pick-turned-trade-bait, Jacob Turner, was sighted in the Korean Baseball Organization recently. It appears that he has developed a splitter, and a pretty darned good one at that. Your humble links-smith saw him throw it with a great deal of success against opponents who are already quite familiar with the pitch. Maybe Al Avila should dial long distance and bring him back again? They say the third time is the charm.

Around the horn

The American League disaster that isn’t going away. Adley Rutschman remains at the top of MLB’s Mock Draft leaderboard. Matthew and Ashley Boyd talk their about the Kingdom Home event at Topgolf in Auburn Hills. Fernando Rodney visits Detroit: “It’s my home town.” Miguel Cabrera can’t hit fastballs down the middle for power anymore. Learn all of the cool baseball-related tricks your Amazon Alexa can do!

Monday morning tweet

“I just like the duck. I think it’s cool.”