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BYB Podcast #46: It’s alright ma, the Tigers are only bleeding

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The editorial staff looks at the week in baseball news from a Tigers perspective.

Oakland Athletics v Detroit Tigers Photo by Duane Burleson/Getty Images

We’re back, but boy it’s hard to talk about the Detroit Tigers right now without cursing and yelling. We knew the chance of a true meltdown of a season was far from zero, but it’s hard to look it in the face. It’s also not too much fun to talk about in the middle of a long losing streak. Things won’t stay quite bleak, but for the moment, we decided to just take questions because all our topic ideas were depressing anyway.

  • The Tigers have perfected losing, and even Matt Boyd has been showing some cracks in his last two outings.
  • Are the Tigers options to fill out their final two starting spots as bad as they seem?
  • We explore how close Casey Mize is to a call-up (not close), and whether the Tigers are handling his workload well.
  • Thank goodness for Mize and Matt Manning, because Franklin Perez and most of the Tigers top pitching prospects are hurt and the Tigers aren’t saying much of anything about them.
  • JaCoby Jones isn’t going to get the Jeimer Candelario treatment after this many opportunities.
  • We discuss the non-pitching prospects, and who may yet make their MLB debut this year.
  • Briefly we consider whether Isaac Paredes, Daz Cameron, Jake Rogers or Willi Castro has it in them to be plus offensive players in the majors.
  • Niko Goodrum appears to have turned back into a pumpkin, but there is still hope for him.

Intro: “Saturday” -Yo La Tengo