Better baseball rules

Baseball has taken steps to protect catchers (no blocking the plate), middle infielders (no sliding into fielders), so why don't they go one step further and protect 1st basemen, pitchers and batter-runners?

How many collisions have you seen involving future Hall-of-Famers covering the bag at first? A 1st sacker risking a broken arm on a play up the line involving tagging the oncoming runner. A pitcher covering the bag on a throw from 1B or 2B. A runner having to hit the spot on the planet at the same time as the 1st baseman. The rule says the runner should be running in foul territory yet the destination is in "FAIR" territory.

A simple solution that I am astounded the Players Association is not demanding is the use of a "SAFE BAG". This has been used in softball for quite a long time now. A white bag is connected to an orange bag with the orange bag in foul territory and the white in fair. The runner must run through the bag hitting the orange portion unless he/she turns to attempt to advance to 2nd. The fielder must touch the white bag.

Simple, not a lot of possible controversy and above all, it protects players from possible serious or career ending collisions. The argument of "tradition" no longer holds water given the drastic changes we have seen over the last decade.

Dan Byrne

Kamloops, BC

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