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Watch Gregory Soto collect his first career hit... and then his second career hit

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Nothing makes sense anymore.

If you thought Gregory Soto would be the first Detroit Tigers pitcher to collect a hit this season, stop lying.

Weird preseason predictions aside, Soto did just that on Friday against the New York Mets, dropping a single into left field for the first hit of his MLB career.

That’s not all, though!

If that wasn’t enough in a weird-as-all-getout game — the Tigers are up 4-1 against Noah Syndergaard right now — Soto collected a second knock in the top of the fourth.

This one wasn’t cheap, either; it came off Soto’s bat at 105.5 miles per hour, the fourth-hardest hit ball of the game (through 3 12 innings).

He also joined some exclusive company for good measure.