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Detroit Tigers News and Links: On to Baltimore

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Whether we’re looking at the major leagues or the minors, the theme of this Monday’s Tigers News is patience

Detroit Tigers v New York Mets
Just wondering where that opposite field power has been
Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

The last time I sat down to pen your Monday links was the evening of May 12th. What a different world we lived in then. That Dragons and Nudity show still graced the screens of the populace as we all wondered which characters would make it to the end of Game of Thrones. The Tigers were a stomachable 5-5 in their last 10 games. Since then the boys have managed to put up 11 losses to just one win. [Ed note: Game of Thrones spoilers below]

Is my absence from providing you with all the news you need on a Monday morning the cause of this terrible skid? Most likely yes. Am I also the reason a paralyzed warg from Winterfell ended up the ruler of the six kingdoms? Sure, I’ll take that one too (spoiler alert #Idon’treallycareallthatmuch). That is why we should be thankful I return today to bless this 2019 team with the luck they need to pull out a series win against a Baltimore Orioles crew that holds twice as many wins in its last 10 games as the Tigers. That would be a hefty two. That level of dominance aside, the Tigers take this series. Put it on the board.

Bring it back

Raise your hand if you thought Miguel Cabrera was going to be a heftier version of Placido Polanco at the end of May 2019. While Miggy is making contact, the thing that is frustrating him and fans the most is the noticeable lack of power. Cabrera has been frustrated, but for what it’s worth he feels like he’s closer to getting it back. His opposite field home run in New York over the weekend was certainly a sight for sore eyes.

In the opinion of one player who knows Miggy pretty well, we should be patient. That’s what Curtis Granderson — miss you buddy — urges of the Detroit fan base. Well, I hope dirty Curty is right.

Born Under a Bad Sign

The latest signing in the “guys you will vaguely remember played for the Tigers” category is Austin Adams. The Twins designated him over the weekend, and I guess there’s something there that is worthwhile — like a heartbeat — because he was claimed by Detroit. I guess we’ll see.

In other moves pitcher Carlos Torres was signed to a minor league deal. Yeah, me neither.

It’s hard

After Shane Greene coughed up his first blown save opportunity last week, Ron Gardenhire had some thoughts on the current situation of the hometown team. It’s hard to go through a tough period like this, and especially harder on some of the younger guys on the roster. Gardy puts it on himself to help this team go forward and suck less. Let’s hope Baltimore is the antidote to what is ailing this team.

What is love

In the latest version of the article which looks at what defines Daniel Norris aside from his sad come-fix-me rugged persona and an affinity for drinking fair trade locally roasted coffee while shaving with an axe, Chris Landers from tells us of Daniel’s real love: baseball. The point here is not that Norris is a quirky baseball version of Jeff Lebowski, but that people need to know that he takes baseball seriously. It’s a solid in-depth look at a pitcher who is pegged as one thing, but wants people to know that he’s not what you might want to believe he is.

Just a little patience

When it comes to the progress of prospect outfielder, Daz Cameron, the word patience is probably most aptly used. Although it would seem he is figuring out how to handle Triple-A pitching, Mud Hens manager Doug Mientkiewicz says not so fast. “I wouldn’t say he’s coming around”, the manager said, when asked about Cameron. Daz is showing promise for sure, but there is much he needs to learn before he’s ready to patrol the friendly confines of CoMerica Park.

Around the horn

Ex-Tiger Placido Polanco and his giant noggin is still willing to learn as he cuts his path toward being a manager. These nine breakout seasons might be for real. A team-by-team draft cost of signing Dallas Keuchel, in case you dare to dream.