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BYB Podcast 47: Rejoice in a series victory with Roger Martin of Tigers SRD

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The staff of BYB breaks down the week in baseball news from a Tigers perspective.

Detroit Tigers v Baltimore Orioles Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

Co-host Brandon Day is joined in last minute, heroic fashion by the host of the Tigers SRD podcast, and friend of Bless You Boys, Roger Martin. What follows is a wide-ranging conversation on the state of the Tigers and some of the other major league organizations trying to rebuild, or having already completed the process. The second half is largely devoted to answering listener questions, so thank you for all the good questions and feedback!

BTW, if you’re not listening to the Tigers SRD podcast, you should certainly add it to your playlist. BYB’s own Chris Milz was on last week, so that’s a good place to start. Roger and co-host Chris Brown do really nice work.

  • The Tigers finally won a series, and remain a group of surprising strengths and pretty striking weaknesses.
  • The Minnesota Twins appear to have leveled up into one of the better orgs in the game, while the Cleveland Indians are hanging on by a thread.
  • We look at the Tigers rebuilding effort, and some of the other struggling franchises around the game.
  • From about 48:00 on, we dive into a deep mailbag of listener questions.

Intro: “Motor City 2” - J. Dilla