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FanPost Friday: Baseball memories with dad

What was your fondest memory of a day out with dad?

Colorado Rockies v Detroit Tigers

As we approach the Father’s Day weekend, when players will don pale blue caps and funds will be collected for prostate cancer research, it feels especially timely to think about our dads.

Not everyone is close to their families, and some of us have lost out parents, making themed events like these bittersweet. But for many, it can be a wonderful time to spend time with dad, or if you’re far away, to think of the best memories you shared wen you were growing up.

Baseball is, of course, connected to father-son and father-daughter relationships in a serious way. While some folks found baseball through their moms, the stereotype for better or worse is that our fathers were the first ones to get us a baseball glove, and to play catch with us. Our dads were the ones who taught us the rules, and maybe a few choice swears along the way.

So this Father’s Day weekened, we want you to share your baseball memories with dad. That’s it. No twist, no rules. Just head over to the FanPost section, select “New FanPost” on the left, and tell us. Was it a memory with your own dad, or perhaps your own first game with a child where YOU were the dad.

Also, shout out to user Dberg for their post about the “Best of the Worst” putting together an all-former Tigers team.