Memories with Dad at the ball park

One day when I was 13, Dad says let's go to the game tomorrow. We were living in Pennsylvania and the Tigers were coming to Baltimore. He called down to the stadium and asked for tickets as close to the Detroit dugout as possible. We left the next day and stopped at an Italian deli and got subs. You could bring stuff into the ballpark back then. We entered the stadium and just kept going down and down closer to the field. We couldn't believe. First row!! Hot dog!. Leaning over the rail and fishing with a long handled bag we coaxed a ball over to us during batting price. It was just a great day.

My first memory going was Shea Stadium in the early 70's. The Yankees played there while Yankee Stadium was getting remodeled. My only memory of that game was Gates Brown, Gator, hitting a line drive shot over the left field wall. Getting chills thinking about it.

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