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BYB Podcast Weekend Edition #5: Casey Mize hits the injured list

Staff writer Brandon Day tackles the topics of the moment within the Detroit Tigers’ organization.

Adam Dubbin / Bless You Boys

In the wake of Casey Mize’s injury, everyone’s favorite messenger of joy and good tidings, BYB staff writer and co-host of the BYB Podcast, Brandon Day, brings you an angsty look at the situation and what it says about the organizational plans as a whole.

  • We’ll take a look at what this means for Casey Mize, and why Matt Manning is possibly (no guarantees here folks!) the slightly better bet for durability.
  • The internet pitching mechanics ghouls were out in force so we will take them to task for their self-promoting, conspiracy-ridden nonsense.
  • The Tigers have built their rebuild around pitching thus far, and now plan to deal their best and most durable arm to make up for their inability to find positional talent anywhere in the draft or the international free agent market. None of this adds up very well, my friends.
  • Finally, Nick Castellanos broke his silence and put the Tigers on blast on Friday, and we’ll give that a quick look as well.

Intro: “Suzie Thundertussy” - Junie Morrison