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Bless You Boys Podcast, Episode 50: Will robot umps tweet angry tweets?

The staff of Bless You Boys looks at the week in Tigers news.

Minnesota Twins v Detroit Tigers Photo by Duane Burleson/Getty Images

We jokingly wanted to call this episode “The Locus of the Suck” but the vague Phillip K. Dick reference was too tempting. In this installment, we consider whether manager Ron Gardenhire is doing a good job or not, and further, whether one can even make an accurate assessment when the talent level on the field is this woeful. Still, the possibility, and maybe even the necessity of a Matt Boyd trade, has to be the pill that is hardest to swallow right now.

  • Gardy is generally billed as a good teacher of the game, but the 2019 Tigers have played sloppy baseball. They’re flat too often. They don’t make the routine plays consistently, and they’re prone to the big mistake as well. But with the collection of players he’s got to juggle, it’s a pretty tough job to put a cohesive unit on the field.
  • Two weeks ago, Miguel Cabrera seemed in pretty dubious shape, but here he is playing 1B in the National League. Is that good, bad, or ok whatever?
  • Nick Castellanos said his piece, and there isn’t much more to say.
  • Six weeks to the trade deadline, and the Tigers figure to be up to their ears in rumors. Opinions are already ranging widely as to who to deal and what kind of return to expect.
  • The farm will be lively soon with new prospects from the draft, and the return of Beau Burrows and Franklin Perez, may he hopefully stay healthy.
  • Max Scherzer broke his own nose with a batting practice. What did everyone tell you about bunting?
  • The umpires union issued the hottest tweet of 2019, #umpshow. We should’ve talked about this more, but Manny Machado does have a knack for really getting people mad at him. And I fear the umpires aren’t doing themselves any favors like this.

Intro: “Motor City 2” -J. Dilla