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Bless You Boys Podcast, Episode 51: The JaCobaissance and other silver linings

The staff looks at the week in baseball from a Tigers perspective.

MLB: Detroit Tigers at New York Mets Andy Marlin-USA TODAY Sports

The Tigers lost again on Tuesday, their fifth straight defeat. Times are grim, but we thought we’d step back to look at the smattering of things that have gone right this season. Unfortunately that only occupied about 10 minutes of show time.

  • JaCoby Jones is still hitting and other successes.
  • Hall of Fame conversation
  • Riley Greene and Nick Quintana off to a good start, while Franklin Perez is trapped in a Groundhog Day scenario.
  • Mets merrily Metsing
  • The Rays’ wild non-plan to not really move to Montreal but only sometimes.

Intro: “Let’s Save Tony Orlando’s House” -Yo La Tengo