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Monday open thread: Who was the best Tigers draft pick of all-time?

A new generation of Tigers will be selected today

Houston Astros v Detroit Tigers Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

MLB draft day is here! The amateur draft is upon us, and months of speculation as to who each team will take will either be spot-on or proven utterly off the mark (likely the latter). The Detroit Tigers have the fifth selection this year, and we have a bunch of different draft target articles you might want to take a peek at while we wait for the moment of truth.

In the meantime, we have two questions for you in today’s draft day open thread. The first: who do you think the Tigers will select in the first round? And second, who would you consider to be the Tigers best draft selection of all-time? Here’s a handy list in case you don’t recall them all off-hand.

I might have tipped my pick a little with the header photo, but Justin Verlander isn’t the only great player to be selected in the first round, so your selection might be different than mine. Or perhaps you’re a true believer in the future and really, really want to pick Casey Mize. Go for it, I hope you’re right.