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MLB Draft 2019: We found the best names of the draft class because why not?

We know you all love a good baseball name.

Washington v UCLA Photo by Katharine Lotze/Getty Images

There are few things I love in life more than a good baseball name. What goes into making a good baseball name? It has so many elements. Sometimes it just SOUNDS like a baseball name — I see you Boone Logan — while other times it’s just a heck of a lot of fun to say — Brock Deatherage anyone?

Every year as a new class of draft selections are rolled out in June, some (like the aforementioned Deatherage) stand out as being truly incredible 70 to 80 grade baseball names. I went through the complete list of drafted amateurs to collect the best of the best of this new class of draftees.

In no particular order, here are the standout names of the 2019 draft.

Gunnar Henderson (SS, Orioles) and Gunner Mayer (P, Phillies) — who knew this name was so popular?
Chase Strumpf (2B, Cubs) — The Tigers were interested, we almost had a Stumpf/Strumpf bullpen
Grae Kessinger (SS, Astros) — Can’t decide between grey or gray? Why not both?
Glenallen Hill Jr. (SS, Diamondbacks)
John Rave (CF, Royals) — Life of the party
Dan Metzdorf (P, White Sox) — Sad the Mets didn’t claim him
Jaxx Groshans (C, Red Sox)
Avery Weems (P, White Sox)
Drake Fellows (P, Padres)
Zach Peek (P, Angels)
Michael Limoncelli (P, Mariners) — I want some Limoncello so badly now.
Matthew Barefoot (CF, Astros) — I want him to make it big so someone can plan a Barefoot in the Park promotion
Spencer Brickhouse (1B, Diamondbacks) — Built like a brick... house.
Xzavion Curry (P, Indians)
Davidjohn Herz (P, Cubs) — He and Glenallen can make a club for people with two first names
Zach Linginfeltzer (P, Angels) — I can’t stop reading this as Littlefinger
Cody Scroggins (P, Red Sox)
Dan Hammer (P, Orioles) — Swing away, Hammer
Brett Wisely (2B, Rays) — if only to be able to say “The Rays chose Wisely.”
Kona Quiggle (LF, Tigers)
Jackxarel Lebron (RHP, Jays)
Johzan Oquendo (RHP, Cubs)
Mahki Backstrom (1B, Braves)
Zach Bravo (RHP, Rays)
Zarion Sharpe (P, Cardinals)
Brylie Ware (3B, Cardinals)
Kipp Rollings (P, Mariners)
Samson Abernathy (RHP, Pirates) — I can only picture him as an old-timey prospector.
Indigo Diaz (P, Braves)
Caeden Trenkle (CF, White Sox)
Bear Bellomy (P, Pirates)
Micah Yonamine (C, Phillies) — Yonayours? No, Yonamine.
Andrew Bash (P, Angels) — Bring me a new Bash Brothers movement, Andrew.
Cody Birdsong (2B, Braves)
Trey Jeans (LHP, White Sox)
Brock Love (RHP, Marlins) — COME ON
Christia Encarnacion-Strand (3B, Mariners) — this might be the longest name in the draft
Joey Lancellotti (P, Yankees) — just need to find a Galahaddi to join him
Odrick Pitre (SS, Brewers)
Tucker Flint (RF, Mets)
Augue Sylk (P, Royals)
AJ Bumpass (CF, Reds) — Congrats on surviving high school, AJ.

Repeat offenders

In this season’s draft class a few names naturally popped up over and over.

There were Zachs (14), Zacs (3), Zacharys (3), Zaks (2), and Zacks (5)

There were eight Codys, six Masons, six Brocks and 12 Justins.

There was one Caden, four Cades, 13 Hunters, and one Cade Hunter.

Holy Spirit

We had an interesting amount of religious themed names as well, like Quinn Priester, Hunter Bishop, Marc Church, Kanoa Pagan, and five Christians, though not a single Jesus was drafted this year.

Odd Jobs

Three Bakers were drafted, though the sole eligible Butcher was not selected, and alas no Candle-themed named I could play with. There was a Butler, however, and a Driver. No Judges made the cut this season, but a Laweryson was in the mix.