Favorite Book Technology

I thought I loved current events and 'big ideas', but the last few years has taught me that I really don't enjoy the half-baked commentary that counts as 'journalism' in the national newspaper to which I subscribe (why do the 'sources' supplying the rumor refuse to be named? Are they really 'close to the situation'?), not to mention the dreck on lower-barrier-to-entry media like internet news sites, blogs, etc. And so I turned to books, and found I loved reading a fully-formed narrative where the author had sufficient time to develop his ideas. Today's "Question of the Day" and the enthusiastic response that followed made me realize that there are lots of BYBers out there who have way more passion for the written language than I. Reading is not dead! To be honest, it is possibly even more important than any time in history, as the internet & smartphone technology has caused an explosion in written words. So my question is: What is your preferred technology for consuming a book?

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