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BYB Podcast #52: Al Avila gets a contract extension, Ron Gardenhire gets his own tank

The staff of Bless You Boys discusses the week in Tigers baseball and beyond.

MLB: Winter Meetings Daniel Clark-USA TODAY Sports

The podcast has been on hiatus for various reasons, but not because there hasn’t been much to talk about. General manager Al Avila got himself a brand new extension, while the team on the field seems dead set on matching the 2003 team for futility. Host Brandon Day rides solo for this one, and after two weeks off, there is a lot to say.

There are three sections to this episode, and it’s a long one, so we encourage you to pick the sections you’re interested in because it may be too much to digest in one sitting.

  • 0:00-42:00: First, an assessment of Al Avila’s extension and a general consideration of the progress in some areas, and lack in others, behind the Tigers front office. Yes, we’d prefer to move on, but all is not lost either and the Tigers have shown some small signs of growth.
  • 42:00-1:14:00: Second we’ll talk some farm system. Specifically, the super rotation under construction in Erie. Casey Mize is almost back, Matt Manning is in a reset phase, and Tarik Skubal is dropping jaws.
  • 1:14:00-end: Finally, some thoughts on Riley Greene v. Daniel Pinero, the meaning of batspeed and plate discipline, and some ideas the Tigers should explore to not only catch up, but perhaps innovate in their own right for once.

Intro: “Suzie Thundertussy” -Junie Morrison