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Detroit Tigers News: Nicholas Castellanos has some things on his mind

Let’s take a look at the trade market, Michael Fulmer’s recovery, and some noteworthy performances.

MLB: Toronto Blue Jays at Detroit Tigers Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

After avoiding the sweep on a 10th inning home run by Nicholas Castellanos, the Tigers head into an off day Monday, where they await the start of a two-game home stand against the Philadelphia Phillies. A recent heat wave has caused everything else to heat up as well. Two of those things include Castellanos and trade talks. While we await the arrival of the Phils, let’s take a look at the most recent news surrounding the organization.

Farewell to Nick?

As we creep ever closer to the impending trade deadline we are most likely seeing the end of Nicholas Castellanos’ run with the Detroit Tigers. While there are many rumors swirling around regarding his potential trade destination, trade or not, this is likely the last season we see Castellanos wearing the Olde English D. To his credit, he is trying to handle the uncertainty as best he can, and he says his focus going forward is to have as much fun as possible, like when he made Johnny Kane eat M&M’s with him during a recent interview. To go with his attitude, Castellanos has started playing his best baseball of the season. It is a welcome turn and one that would make him more attractive when they trade him, which he still maintains is something he wouldn’t be surprised to not see happen.

It would appear that “having as much fun as possible” includes taking the opportunity to complain about the dimensions of Comerica Park. After Sunday’s game, Castellanos had some words to share about his tenure in one of the most cavernous parks in the league.

“This park is a joke,” Castellanos said. “How are we going to be compared to the rest of the league in power numbers, OPS, slugging, all this stuff, when we’ve got a yard out here that’s 420 feet straight across to center field?”

Well, Nick, there’s this thing called OPS+. It adjusts for stuff like the park a player plays in. All the cool kids are using it, which probably means almost anyone who does any meaningful comparing of numbers — and by meaningful, I mean the kind of comparisons that affect the size of your paycheck — knows how to use it.

When asked how he feels about the possibility of a trade he said, “I really don’t care what happens.” I’m not sure the trade deadline can get here fast enough for Castellanos.

Trade talk heats up

Speaking of Castellanos and the trade deadline, there seems to be a serious option emerging as a future landing spot. The Chicago Cubs appear to be quite interested in his services, and particularly his ability to punish left-handed hitting. Our own Jay Markle lays out some potential options in a deal with the team from the North Side.

The Washington Nationals appear to have Shane Greene on their wishlist. The asking price from the Tigers is one Carter Kieboom, which is seen as hefty. I’m not sure the front office expects to get Kieboom, but I suppose it doesn’t hurt to ask.

With all the recent talk around Castellanos and Greene, it is easy to forget the one guy we have spent most of our time talking about up until now. Matthew Boyd talks do continue, and it seems that Detroit is requesting a young, established major league star be involved in any kind of swap for the lefty hurler. We’ll see where they get with that.

Fulmer returns...kinda

A decidedly well-bearded and fit-looking Michael Fulmer made a surprise visit to the Tigers clubhouse over the weekend. His recovery from Tommy John surgery continues, and he seems to be in good spirits. He sees the injury as a setback on the field, but not one without a silver lining. Rehabbing has allowed him to spend a significant amount of time with his newborn son, which he is grateful for. As he works to strengthen both his arm and his body as a whole, he is looking to start throwing again in October or November in hopes of being ready to go next spring.

Castro carving out a career

Harold Castro has bounced around between Detroit and Toledo this year, and when in Detroit, he has spent time playing all over the field. He has covered every defensive spot except for pitching and catching — something he has mentioned he’d be willing to do if needed. In the opportunity he has been given, Castro is making his case to stay up where the tall buildings are. Hitting over .300 with an OPS a shade over .750 is more than enough to fit the bill for this squad. Here’s hoping he can keep up the pace.

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