My Dream Deadline

Boyd and Goodrum to the Padres

Padres get solid SP to anchor their up and coming rotation as well as Goodrum who can provide average production at 2B which the Padres have really lacked this year while trying to contend.

Tigers get 2B Luis Urias (#2, MLB Pipeline), SS Gabriel Arias (#17), OF Jeisson Rosario (#22) and 3B Ty France (#24)

This trade gives the tigers our 2nd baseman of the future and we have the ability to let Urias grow in the majors, two high potential projects in Arias and Rosario, and a final piece in France who is a guy that has absolutly demolished AAA pitching this year but disappointed with the bat in his MLB call up this year.

Greene to the Phillies

Tigers get RHP Spencer Howard (#5), OF Jhailyn Ortiz (13)and SS Arquimedes Gamboa (#23)

This trade gives the tigers another very good pitching prospect as well as Ortiz who has huge power potential and Gamboa who by all accounts has dynamic tools but hasn't been able to produce what-so-ever.

Castellanos to the Indians

Tigers get 2B Aaron Bracho (#12) and OF Daniel Johnson (15)

This trade gives us a potenial impact player at 2B in Bracho who might just be far away enough for the Indians to give him away. It would also give us Johnson who is a tremendous defender who seems to have finally figured out how to hit this year.

Mystery Trade

I would also love for the tigers to find a trade for one of their low value guys like Brandon Dixon or maybe even Buck Farmer to get some more potential into the lower levels of our system.

Overall these trades really boost the level of talent and adds a ton of high potential players to our system, especially up the middle. This is just what happens in my Tiger fan dreams, what do you guys think?

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