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Detroit Tigers News: The trades are happening, just not for the Tigers

A little more trade talk, pitching and some positional changes

MLB: Toronto Blue Jays at Detroit Tigers Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

Happy Monday, Tigers fans. Over the weekend, the Detroit Tigers reached deep inside themselves to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory in the final of a four-game set against the Seattle Mariners, ensuring that they lost all four games of the series in the land of Microsoft and burnt coffee. Starter Matthew Boyd did enough to keep his stock as a top trade target high, and the rest of the team was physically present.

The Tigers continue their west coast road trip with a stop against the Los Angeles Angels of Orange County, where we will see if they can take at least one game and manage to win more than three games in the month of July. Can you feel the excitement? On to the links.

Sleeper trade candidate: Buck Farmer

By now, you have all heard the normal names in trade speculation. The folks at FanGraphs took a look at eight under-the-radar trade candidates, and your boy Buck Farmer made the list. With a newly improved breaking ball and a fastball that has found a few inches of drop, Buck is an effective bullpen piece that could help a team with a chance to contend.

The versatility of Nicholas Castellanos

Could the fact that Nicholas Castellanos is a former third baseman be a factor in any potential trade? Sure, why not? If playing for a contender, Nick is willing to fill in at whatever position they want to put him in. This is a different attitude than the current right fielder had at the end of last season when the team discussed moving him to first base. That was a different situation, however. You can’t blame a guy for declining yet another positional shake-up leading into a contract year for a team that’s going nowhere and doesn’t have an interest in taking him along for the ride. It’s hard to say if any teams who are potential landing spots for Castellanos would consider him at third base. Memories can be short, but it takes a while to forget what a mess he was at the hot corner.

Your latest Shane Greene trade rumor!

It’s the A’s. We wrote about it.

Zimm’s not gonna quit

Just in case you just finished up your two-year stint with the peace corps in a place that had zero connection to the outside world, allow me to inform you that the Jordan Zimmermann signing has not turned out so great for the Tigers. In making comments after his latest outing, he repeated the same things we’ve heard before. Something isn’t right. He’s making the pitches he wants to make (sure). He’s getting hit. He’s working on it. He’s not giving up.

Zimmermann seems to be looking at adding new pitches. He needs to do something, that is a certainty. He has one year left on his contract, and while I admire that he won’t quit, I’m not optimistic anything will change.

Niko’s case

As the flaming ship that is the 2019 iteration of the Tigers sinks further and further under the waterline, many of us are starting took look toward 2020. One point of consideration is Niko Goodrum’s candidacy for holding down the shortstop position on a permanent basis. Evan Woodbury of MLive is all about it. Ron Gardenhire says pump the brakes.

After playing there for the better part of a month while Jordy Mercer rehabbed, Goodrum looked good and seems capable, but there are some factors to consider. One is Willi Castro. Another is the glut of vacant spots that Goodrum may otherwise be capable of filling. Yet another is the organization’s penchant to bring in old veteran retreads who sit in the position wasting everyone’s time because that’s what they were brought in to do.

Who’s pumped for 2020?

Tell him, Wash

Speaking of yanking around young players from one position to another all willy nilly, we seem to be discussing a Jeimer Candelario to first base move. The idea behind this is that there is a glut of talent just backed up and waiting for a shot at third. First on the list is Dawel Lugo, he of the hot Triple-A bat and the undeniable inability (so far) to make it transfer to the major league level. Other names down the list include Isaac Paredes, who many believe will eventually have to move away from shortstop.

For his part, Candelario says he’s willing to do whatever is necessary to help the team. Could we maybe just leave him alone, though?

The market starts to move

The weekend saw a sudden upstart in trade activity as Minnesota acquired Sergio Romo on Saturday night. Then, on Sunday, the Cleveland Indians traded for Christian Arroyo and Hunter Wood, and in the “What the f*#k are these guys doing?!” category, the New York Mets — baseball’s drunk uncle — picked up Marcus Stroman from Toronto.

Baseball is awesome

Sixty mile-per-hour heat? This Stevie Wilkerson is single handedly keeping the dream alive for older, marginally athletic people like myself. I have the mitt in the basement, and I can give any team out there an inning of mid-50s fire on any given night.

Trevor Bauer is dumb

I could be wrong, but he seems frustrated.

The Synchronicity

This is a beautiful depiction of the game. It’s like a Norman Rockwell painting learned how to move.

Around the horn

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