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An interview with Mario Impemba

The former voice of the Detroit Tigers television crew sits down for a radio interview.

Tampa Bay Rays v Detroit Tigers Photo by Mark Cunningham/MLB Photos via Getty Images

Former Detroit Tigers television announcer Mario Impemba recently joined WXQO and WRPP radio in Michigan for an interview on the eve of his return to the Motor City. General manager Casey Ford was kind enough to share this exclusive with Bless You Boys. Now with the Boston Red Sox television crew, Mario reflects on what it is like returning home, and opines on many other topics from overseas baseball games to the current status of the Tigers TV broadcast team.

The subjects that the 15:45 interview covers includes the following:

  • How awkward is it returning to Detroit on the visiting side?
  • How did Mario land the Boston job?
  • Excitement in Detroit for 4th of July
  • Mario’s opinions on overseas MLB games
  • How long is Al Avila’s leash?
  • What should the Tigers’ timetable be?
  • What’s up with Chris Sale?
  • What is Mario looking forward to the most in the Boston vs Detroit Series?
  • Does Mario talk to Craig Monroe and Matt Shepard?
  • Is it better that Shepard gets started while the Tigers are in their down years?