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Detroit Tigers agree to multi-year contract extension with GM Al Avila

The exact length of the new contract has not yet been revealed.

Detroit Tigers Workout Photo by Mark Cunningham/MLB Photos via Getty Images

The Al Avila era in Detroit will apparently continue long into the team’s rebuild, and hopefully usher in a new, successful contention run. On Friday, the Detroit Tigers announced that they would extend Avila to a “multi-year” contract extension.

Avila, the Tigers’ General Manager and Vice President of Baseball Operations — who replaced Dave Dombrowski in 2015 — was nearing the end of his contract with the team. Many wondered if he would continue to steer the ship, or if team owner Chris Ilitch would go a newer, perhaps younger direction as other rebuilding teams have done.

As first reported by Detroit Free Press reporter Anthony Fenech, the team has decided to proceed with Avila at the helm.

The deal has been referred to only as a “multi-year contract extension” at this point, with the exact number of years having not yet been disclosed.

In a press release on Friday afternoon, Chris Ilitch said, “It’s clear to anyone that follows Tigers baseball that our organization is undergoing a significant transformation,” Ilitch said in release. “I’ve been impressed with Al’s leadership and focus, and the steadfast way he has led our baseball operations since becoming GM.”

Ilitch also said this extension has been in the works since spring training, but took some time to finalize.

Avila has been with the Tigers organization for 18 years, first working alongside Dombrowski, before taking over the general manager role in 2015.