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Friday open thread: Which Hogwarts house would each Tigers player be in?

If you think this idea is silly, you’re probably a Slytherin.

Promotion Of ‘Harry Potter. The Exhibition’ Photo by Jorge Gil/Europa Press via Getty Images

Today I wondered to some friends of mine: why is it that Neville Longbottom wasn’t sorted into Hufflepuff, or Hermione Granger into Ravenclaw? Their individual traits definitely leaned more towards those houses than to Gryffindor, where they were sorted.

If the words I just said sound like another language to you, then you have likely managed to not encounter Harry Potter in any of its vast forms in your lifetime. Impressive! For those who know what I’m saying, it led to an interesting discussion: what houses would the Tigers be sorted into?

If you want a bit of a reminder, here are the houses and their most dominant traits:

Gryffindor - Values courage, bravery, nerve, and chivalry.
Hufflepuff - Values hard work, patience, justice, and loyalty.
Ravenclaw - Values intelligence, creativity, learning, and wit.
Slytherin - Values ambition, cunning, leadership, and resourcefulness.

For example: Don Kelly is the most Hufflepuff Tiger to ever be.

Now let’s go ahead and break down other Tigers greats, and the current roster, into their houses. It’s Friday, let’s have fun.