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BYB Podcast 58: 2019 Tigers farm system review - Part One

The Bless You Boys staff talks baseball from a Tigers perspective.

St Louis Cardinals v Detroit Tigers Photo by Mark Cunningham/MLB photos via Getty Images

Host Brandon Day and Bless You Boys prospect writer Jay Markle get into reviewing the 2019 Tigers farm system. This is going to be a two part episode, with each running roughly an hour, but it still feels like we barely scratched the surface.

It should be noted that both episodes were recorded in one sitting on September 16. Life forced some delays, so apologies to Jay for these taking so long to produce. We’ll be back for some deeper dives into the farm in October as we near the conclusion of the 2019 postseason.

This episode starts with an overview of the system, but we’ll heavily focus on the top pitching prospects, and save the position players for part two. The system improved this year, but perhaps not as much as we hoped relative to other teams. Still, there is an awful lot to discuss when considering the Tigers stockpile of pitching talent.

Intro: “Suzie Thundertussy” - Junie Morrison