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Current and former teammates remember Chace Numata

Following the catcher’s death, his friends and teammates recalled their fondest memories

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2018 New York Yankees Photo Day

On Monday afternoon, news spread that Chace Numata, the 27-year-old catcher for the Erie SeaWolves, had passed away due to a head injury he suffered during a skateboarding accident.

Following the announcement, players, coaches, and personnel with the SeaWolves took to social media to remember the young man they had played alongside, connecting in their shared loss, and showing the world what a bright light Chace had been to them.

It was clear that Chace was the kind of man who brought brightness and joy wherever he went, and those who knew him are missing him a great deal today.

Numata had only been in the Tigers organization since November of 2018, joining as a minor league free agent signing. He was originally drafted by the Phillies in 2010, and spent the bulk of his career in the Phillies system before joining the Yankees minor league system in 2018. He then came to the Tigers in that offseason, and spent 2019 between Double-A Erie and Triple-A Toledo.

It was obvious from the memorials posted online that no matter where he was playing he brought light and happiness to those around him. His most recent teammates on the SeaWolves were effusive in their praise for his personality and friendship.

Over at The Athletic, Emily Waldon and Cody Stavenhagen posted an article remembering the catcher and the positivity he brought to all those whose life he touched. Others shared the GoFundMe, which will help the Numata family. Our Baseball Life, an organization which helps Minor League families and spouses posted this lovely image of Numata and his girlfriend Gabriella.