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The Tigers rookies do their best Minions impression

This might just haunt your dreams, sorry

‘Minions’ Volunteers Advocate Civilized Ride In Wuhan Photo by Visual China Group via Getty Images

Baseball teams do some weird things on road trips. Themed apparel and costumes can sometimes be par for the course when the crew gets on their flight to head to a new destination city. And then there’s the once-a-season rookie dress up tradition, where new arrivals to the club are forced to wear outfits selected for them by their more senior teammates.

For the Tigers, who are en route to Oakland for a four-game series, that meant the rookies were donning matching Minions costumes before their flight to California.

Now, it’s very, very early for rookie dress up, which usually happens towards the end of the regular season, but it looks like the Tigers are getting it out of the way now instead of waiting.

That is a LOT of rookies, you guys. In previous years there have been eight or ten guys getting dressed up for this event, but there are so many rookies on the current squad, I briefly believed the entire team was in costume.