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BYB Podcast 66: Astros bang their way into the doghouse

The BYB staff talks the week in baseball news from a Tigers perspective.

MLB: General Managers Meetings Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

The Tigers signed Ivan Nova, which is cool and all, but like all the moves this offseason, they promise a more watchable brand of baseball but don’t do anything for the organization’s longer term goals. But yeah we’re gonna talk a whole bunch about the Houston Astros sign stealing scandal, and the fallout from the isolated, but stern punishments delivered by MLB on Monday.

In the final analysis, pitchers and catchers are the ones needing a technological solution, and some way to surreptitiously convey signs needs to be developed in a hurry. One of the wilder things about the Astros scheme is just how low tech and brazen their signaling system was. Probably other teams who really wanted to could come up with something rather more clever.

Somehow the players involved escape punishment, which sucks, and other than the draft picks, Jim Crane and the Astros get to move on like nothing happened. Other than in the court of opinion where their 2017 World Series title will forever be tainted. Man, these are tough times for a baseball fan. MLB has so many credibility problems going on at once. Can we ever just get back to baseball?

Not bloody likely.

Intro: “If Looks Could Kill” -Camera Obscura